Bare Beauty + Wellness is the creation of a lifelong dedication in beautifying the skin.  Lisa Verdi, is the proprietor and licensed esthetician with over twelve years of experience.  Her expertise, nurturing approach, and skincare proficiency come together in a calm setting with facials tailored to each client; your skin is ever-changing therefore no two treatments are ever the same.  

Her skincare principals encompass three very important steps, 1. Prevention 2. Correction 3. Protection. We believe your skin operates best when being mindful, conscious, and intentional with healthy choices as it effects your skin from the inside out. It all starts with good health as it relates to nutrition, exercise, meditation and beauty regime's. Our passion is clean + mindful beauty.

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Bare Beauty + Wellness is a petite healing aesthetic studio dedicated to innovative treatments elevating the health of your skin and natural beauty.


Lisa would be delighted to hear about your experience at BB+W, below are a few favorites from our studio journal.

Thank you for who you are and all you do. Keep shining!
I always feel so, so good after any beauty treatment you give me! Thank you for brightening my day. You are extremely talented. You have the gift of touch!
Thank you for making me feel so special. Your magical hands are amazing. I feel fantastic! All the best to you! You truly deserve it and are a master at your craft.
— CP
Amazing treatment as always! Thank you for the recommendations and for taking great care of my skin. You are truly the best!
— JK